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If you decide together with your child to join our Kindergarten “Mašinka”, you definitely will not miss the train …

We are a pre-school educational facility for children from 2 to 8 years of age. We offer to your children and to you a common way that is full of game, joy, cognition and development.
In a friendly and safe atmosphere we motivate children to learn, healthy to promote themselves, we teach them respect for others and for themselves.
The kindergarten “Mašinka” is never late, but is also not any hasty express tain.
The “ Mašinka” is riding according to the rhythm of each child so that with „Journey around the World“ which is full of experience, adventure and fun, we will visit all of the train stops.

The main train stops are English, Drama, Cooking, Music and Ceramics, but there are so many train stops as many exactly your child needs on its journey.
The “Mašinka” offers also a night-time wagon that you can use for your child in the time of your unexpected night travel …
The Kindergarten “Mašinka” has open its doors and windows all the time while it is riding, because it is a supporter of a common cooperation and common experience of child with its family. That’s why you can have a look through our internet window  at any time and enjoy our ride together with us.

You can download the application form >here<


The Kindergarten “Mašinka” from the school year 2015/2016 was entered the Register of Schools and School Facilities.

Why to get on and ride the train “Mašinka”?

  • Individual approach – 1 teacher per 6 children
  • Sophisticated and eye-catching educational plan
  • Abnormally guided Music, Drama and Art education
  • Daily English lessons (by singing)
  • Luxury villa with garden
  • Night traffic
  • Babysitting from 2 to 8 years old
  • A wide range of leisure activities for the public
  • Own ceramic oven
  • Personal diaries – everyday information about what happened in the kindergarten
  • Regular visits of the speech therapist (once a week)

Birthday parties for all

Friendly Websites

 Rating of our kindergarten by our parents


You can download the application here.

Novostrašnická 1203/27, Prague 10

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